"What science?"  asks Socrate
"It appears to to me that which knows a thing feels what it knows and, as much as I can judge in this moment, science is not other thing that the feeling" answers Théétête.

How to better define our last "scientific" Congress of Piacenza (or in French Pleasure), city whose name is in itself a whole program.
Within the historical place of the ducal vault of the Farnese Palate where popes pried, a true communion was established between our Honorary presidents Yves COTREL, Jean DUBOUSSET and the assistance.
During these three intense days, isolated from the external world by walls and drawbridge, we could think of our art.
Art, skill of the man, is distinguished from science like the capacity from the knowledge. Art is also distinguished from the job like a pleasant liberal occupation in oneself, is distinguished from work, i.e. a painful occupation.
The books, Internet… constitute a considerable mass of knowledge making it possible to acquire a job;but only a Congress like the one we have just lived can transform a medical doctor or a physiotherapist  in "an expert".

Thank you still  Piera LUSENTI and Centro Europeo della Colonna Vertebrale - Italia for these unforgettable moments.Thanks to the directors for the two round tables : Claudio LAMARTINA and Matteo PENNISI;they knew perfectly how to balance physiotherapy, bracing and surgery.Thanks to the other members of the Scientific Committee:Giuseppe COSTANZO, Paul DUCONGE, Gianni SCIASCIA for this program of quality.Thanks to the 35 speakers who knew, in spite of a perfectly respected short time, show us all that it is possible to do for our patients.Thanks to Biagio TATO, senator of the Italian republic to have reconciled political and humanism.

And it is to Jean DUBOUSSET that we will entrust the word of the end. " Here is the conclusion: our trade is very difficult, so beautiful the speeches are, they fly away; the writings remains and is engraved on paper or Cd rom, but actually only the spirit which I tried to transmit to you, can be spread freely".

Jean Claude de Mauroy